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Muscle Car Talk: Is Change Good?

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By Mark Weisseg

Is it alright to change a classic such as this 1967? Changing the car’s wheels and tires as well as other components could drag the price down if done incorrectly. Done the right way and the value can shoot up.

So, what do you do if anything at all? We all know the C2 Vettes are really nice cars as they sit without any changes. So if you resto mod the car you better be careful. I would say whomever did this Corvette made the entire car better.

On the other hand if a buyer wants original then the sale could be lost. It comes down to opinions of course. I own a few vehicles that are straight up original cars and one I took some liberties on. I have wrote in the past about niche cars and how one person can love it while another hates it. Where’s the line? Is there a line? Opinions do not matter if you intend on keeping a vehicle long term. But like you, I have seen a person go with the paint and add ons and ruin the car. Niche cars are hard to resell at a good price. My favorite with an ad. that states that the current owner put 35k into it and now will sell it for 30k. Nobody cares what you put into it. That was your choice and rarely do you ever get back what you sunk into your car. It’s all about choices.

I lean toward originality for that very reason. However, this Corvette sure looks great. Again, just be careful what you do if you do not intend on keeping the car a long time. A word to the wise please. This Corvette is at Vanguard in the state of Michigan and that dealership always has a huge inventory so your choices are big. Just a word to the wise please think long term on your fast muscle car.

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