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By Dave Ashton

The muscle car niche, both old and new, is arguably the biggest magnet for upgrading with performance parts. In theory, every single part of a vehicle can be swapped out. In reality, this can be a costly exercise. Therefore, we will whizz through the common steps taken to add that little extra oomph to any vehicle.


It may seem obvious to some, but a basic service along with fresh tires, an oil change, and a diagnostics check can keep your car in top shape. If you’re not running quarter-mile times every weekend, and just want to put pedal to metal once in a while, then a basic service and tuneup should fit the bill. This route may still need minor part changes, but it shouldn’t be as costly as a full engine upgrade or similar.

Off the Shelf Parts

Upgrading a muscle car with performance parts is almost a given, especially if you’ve been in the hobby long enough. Some go the DIY route, while others only trust a reputable garage. In many ways, the decision here is down to cost savings, and willingness to do the work yourself.

Past a basic tune-up, there are almost infinite choices when it comes to the selection of parts. Many replacement parts fall under the headings of power upgrades, those for efficiency, and ones simply for vanity. Power upgrades could come in the form of a new supercharger for example. Efficiency upgrades could be done with tweaks to the engine management system. While on the vanity side these can cover anything from basic hood stripes to a new respray.

The ideal is to perform one upgrade at a time, test, then move on. This route is viable if you’re fitting the parts or performing the work yourself. However, if a garage is fitting the parts, each return trip can be a costly exercise, which means extra research, advice, and guidance are needed if multiple parts are going to be fitted at once. As for places to get hold of performance parts, one outlet you can try is Sport Compact Warehouse.

Things to bear in mind when you are upgrading are what you actually need the performance parts for and setting a budget. You can easily get carried away replacing this, that, and the other until you have drained your bank account. Therefore, define your goals, then set your budget.

Performance upgrades to a muscle car are only limited by your own imagination. The combinations of upgrades are almost infinite, not to mention the differences between brands, the parts themselves, and the goals for the upgrades. Therefore, plan, research, and then budget for all these enhancements.


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