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Muscle Car Life: Why We love It

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By Mark Weisseg

The hobby is and was a way of life. For those on the outside they will never understand your love for the muscle car way of life. This 1967 Plymouth GTX is a perfect example. Certainly it is not the fastest or the quickest but for some lucky person it’s everything.

The muscle car life is really a big social club. If you go to a local cruise it’s not hard to make new friends. If you are really lucky and get to a national auction or possibly SEMA you feel like the world revolves around your car. We have so many choices of makes, models, years, style, options it can make your head spin. It’s an endless stream of possibilities for you to embrace. Most of us treasure our cars. We will never be driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or other so called super cars but that is just fine. Our humble Chevelle, Mustang, Camaro, or GTX is just fine. The muscle car life is a fun life. You enjoy the sounds, smells, and the associated fun that goes along with having a muscle car. For those on the outside, they will never understand. You do. You worked hard to get your car. Many sacrifices were made in order for you to fulfill an inner need. The clock seems to tick faster for us living with winter ever year. It just seems like it all started and suddenly you are thinking about how to store your prized car. Not everyone can live in California or Florida.

For me I like when strangers at a car show would ask me questions. I liked answering inquiring minds and always made sure I was pleasant. It is a life to love. Nice weather, beautiful cars, an open Road, and losing yourself on the road to freedom. Most of us treasure those times. It’s what we love. Some love boating, or hunting to fill the void. We however love our muscle cars. Who would have thought that driving a 40 to 50 year old muscle car would be fun? It’s more than fun- it’s awe inspiring. The friendships, the fellowships and the memories last forever. So don’t worry about what the other guy has. Be happy you are part of a select group of people that are muscle car people.

Lastly, be sure you are spending some time working on the next generation to love our cars. A theme we all hear is ” Who is going to drive these in the future”? It’s a great question but the answer lies in all of us.
It is up to us to inspire the young people today to be involved in the muscle car world. It’s a lifestyle and a great way to make friends worldwide. Never in our history of the muscle car have we had the ability to reach people and places far away from our home base. You can make a positive difference and reach across the isle. I hope your driving days are safe and your memories last forever.

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