Muscle Car Culture: Donk A Firebird

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By Dave Ashton

I have to admit that I was first going to call this post, ‘muscle car wrongs,’ what not to do with a muscle car. But the more liberal side of me came out to look at this car as a part of muscle car culture as a whole and not just a negative, knee-jerk reaction. However, I am also holding back lots of ‘but this and but that…’ here as like most, seeing oversized wheels on the muscle car is out of the ordinary.

The car looks like a 1996 Firebird formula which has the typical Donk wheels. Massively oversized rims that make a car look very strange to the uninitiated eye. This video shows a Donk drag race, not the typical setting for such a customised car, but at least it does highlight how the cars are not just for show.

It’s easy to take polar opinions on these type of cars. On one side it’s a cultural thing, taking a car and doing whatever you want to them visually. On the other side the oversized wheels make the car look impractical and limit what they are intended to do. Clearly, this video shows that they can run a dragstrip, maybe not as fast as they are originally intended, but they can still do it.

The bottom line is that you can really do whatever you want to the vehicle you own. These wheels are not being put on ultra-rare muscle cars. They are not wrecking classics and if the circles you socialise and live in accept the stylistic changes, then why not. Maybe it’s inspiration to start scaling up the rest of the car to the size of the wheels. Maybe some huge fenders, nose cone and rear wing, like a super-sized Dodge Daytona. In other words, let’s start pushing the creativity and see where it goes……

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