Muscle Car Cool Is Back!

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Muscle Car Cool Is Back!


We have seen a few articles online showing the plus and minus points of the current musclecar crop as compared to other vehicles you can currently buy.

If you should buy a muscle car over another vehicle it is really the same decision as you would make back in the late 60s, where you have to decide if you just want a car to get you from A to B or something that gets you from A to B with a wow factor.

Traditionally, your Honda Accords and Toyotas are incredible for reliability, but they just don’t have that special ‘something’ as compared to a muscle car.
Price-wise, you can get a basic Mustang for the price of a Honda Accord. But really, this is another case of comparing apples to oranges, one is in the class of sports performance, while the other is your everyday ride.

The one rides you should keep an eye on is the Tesla. It is inevitable that one day all fossil fuels will be burnt up so we will have to look for alternatives. If the electric engine is truly going to be the next step, then vehicles like the Tesla may be the first out of the blocks to show the potential……… I just cannot help but think the roar of the V8 will be sadly missed….. will there be aftermarket sound systems which you can install in your ride which give you a surround sound of the V8???? only time will tell, but for now, we have some great muscle car offerings which uphold and bring back the musclecar ethos. So let’s celebrate them and buy a few!

Ford Mustang ($23,800)
Chevrolet Corvette ($55,000)
Dodge Viper ($87,095)
Chevrolet Camaro ($23,705)

Honda Accord ($23,775)
Toyota Camry ($22,970)
Ford Fusion ($22,110)
Toyota Prius ($19,540)

Tesla ($55,000)

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