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By Mark Weisseg

How fun was it was to me recently as I saw a box at the front door full of muscle car books. I knew it was a pile of books to read and review. And, this time I knew it was going to be a lot of fun.

The first book was all about the 1968 Mustang GT 350, GT500 and the GT500KR. Christmas in January for me. The book was written by Greg Kolas and published by our friends at Car Tech. This book offers about 94 pages of pure Mustang love. Now I understand about eighty gazillion books have been published about these Mustangs so hang in there with me. The very best about this hard back, color book is that it is simple and easy to read. The book has many pictures and diagrams for you to enjoy and I hope you take the time to read it. It’s a book a Mustang lover would love to have in his or her collection. Easy reference and the book I feel clears up many myths and exaggerations that are present for these cars. I loved the year by year accounting of each model. It’s a great book to buy for yourself or as a gift. If you desire real Mustang facts this book is for you.

Next, I read and enjoyed a book about the 1971 Plymouth Cuda’s. Written by Ola Nilsson and published by Car Tech once again. For the E body lovers this book is cool. Many people think the high performance game was done after 1970 due to government and insurance issues. This book proves otherwise. Featuring statistics, pictures, charts, and current information is this books depth. I really liked the attention to detail in which the author delves into. This book does not bore you at all. Just the opposite. Color pictures, easy to read pages and the book is another example of having a reference guide at your finger tips. I especially appreciated that the author did not go into comparisons. I am a big believer in an expert telling me what is so special about their product and not going into a bashing of the competition. The facts and figures are straight forward and easy to understand. With the rebirth of the Mopar at the auctions, this book will give you an insiders look at what made these E bodies so darn good.

Each book can be ordered by either calling 1-800-551-4754 or visiting A $6.95 shipping and handling fee is added to domestic orders.
These cars are legendary muscle cars and offer an in depth and colorful look into each car.
I hope you consider these books for your reading pleasure. They are short, to the point and filled with hard facts.

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