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Moving on up To The Plymouth GTX

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By Mark Weisseg

Back in the day if the standard Roadrunner wasn’t good enough for you Mopar offered the GTX. A step above the standard. I guess the Roadrunner was looked at as the everyday guys car and the GTX was the wealthy guys car. Certainly it had upgrades and yes you could get a GTX convertible but the engines were still the 383, 440, and big daddy Hemi.

Made between 1967 and 1971, the car was first introduced as a upgraded ‘Belvedere’ as the Belvedere GTX. It then moved over to the Roadrunner.
The GTX just had some finer touches and a bit more money was needed to own a GTX and Mopar sold plenty of them. I kind of thought of the GTX versus the Roadrunner as the Mercury Comet versus the Ford Falcon.

A few upgrades to make you feel special and maybe at resale time you would get your money back. But, back in the day the advantage pf the Roadrunner was to go in a straight line at a high rate of speed. The selling point of the GTX was to do the same but make the driver feel special that he or she was just not one of those cheap bums that bought a base car. Just like the Comet and Falcon story. Buy a Falcon and you are thrifty or cheap. Buy a Comet and you are wealthier and more established.

So, hats off to the GTX as I guess many cars have a better sibling if you desire to pay for some extra creature comforts. But when I bought my ’69 I was looking for the point A to point B car without all the flash. It just comes down to what you feel is important. Either way, both are great classic cars and certainly fast muscle cars of their era.

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