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Mopar 1,000-HP Hellephant Crate Engine Announced At SEMA

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By Dave Ashton

It seems that all the elephant type innuendos seen in the last few teaser videos from Mopar were correct. At this years SEMA show Mopar unveiled a staggering 1,000-HP create engine named the Hellephant, (get it…hellcat….elephant..) available early next year.

The naming structure clearly comes from the ubiquitous modern Hellcat engine crossed with Chryslers famous 1964 426ci. V8 named the ‘elephant engine.’ The original engine was a huge power plant that only went into 11,000 original Chrysler vehicles including the Dodge Coronet, Dodge Dart and Plymouth Fury, mainly due to its cost of build.

As well as the 1,000 horsepower the 426ci/7L supercharged engine will produce 950 pound-feet of torque, coming as a kit specifically for pre-1976 vehicles. The whole kit is designed to be as plug and play as possible with everything you will need from a powertrain control module, sensors, fuel pump control module, water pump, front sump oil pan, fuel injectors, coil packs and the like. You can also buy a Mopar front end accessory kit which has an alternator, power steering pump, pulleys and belts included. Mopar will clearly have every accessory you will need to get this colossus engine running smoothly.

Clearly the design is in part from the Hellcat, but has 4.0 inches of stroke with a 4.125 inch bore. Also a full aluminium block for weight saving, valve covers from the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye and valves, locks and valve trains coming straight from the Dodge Demon. In other words, you’re getting a bit of everything from the top end of the Dodge line thrown into this mix here with the added wallop of power.

To debut the engine at this years SEMA show, Mopar elected to not just show off the engine by itself, but also in a custom 1968 Dodge Charger. The ‘Super Charger’ concept was there to show the potential kind of vehicle this new engine would eventually go into. The Super Charger features the Hellephant with a six speed manual transmission and other internals coming from the current Charger SRT Hellcat. The body itself has been customised with a wide body, front wheels 2 inches forward and a wheelbase increased from 117 inches to 119 inches.

To increase the stance, the body has been dropped by 2.5 inches at the back and 3.5 inches upfront, with six piston Brembo brakes all-round behind 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch wheels at the back. The interior has also been customised with some nicely placed Hellephant logos such as on the steering wheel and glow blue dials on the dash. The whole car package represents the ultimate in what you could expect from a customised Dodge Charger.

The engine will hopefully be available in the first quarter of 2019 with prices to be released.

Mopar SEMA press Conference (the engine stuff started at 11 mins.)



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