The Mighty 1967 Chevy Impala: Anything You Want It To Be.

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By Mark Weisseg

Funny how time changes nearly everything. Back in 66, 67, and 68 this car was sold as a family car of sorts. Big luxury, big engine, big trunk, all the makings of the American car of the day.

Now, here we are so many years later and the same holds true. One does not see that many of these cars at shows and when you do, it generally is restored to its original condition.

However, some smart people realized you can take this car and do about anything to it and make it your own. Lower it, wheel and tire packages, engine of choice and transmission of choice are yet just a few of the changes or improvements you can make to build your fast muscle car your way.

The interior seems to have unlimited space so anything goes. Nearly every single car came with a couch like seat in the front. Black seemed to be the interior color of choice as well.
I bring this car to your attention as I did not want you folks to ever pass on one if you see one for sale. It really has unlimited choices and opportunities without breaking the bank account. As a matter of fact if it were to be a father son, or Father daughter project car it’s an easy pick. The brakes are easy to work on, as is the suspension. Again, plenty of room to crawl under, in, out or on top of in these nicely styled cars. Chances are you may find one of these at an old folks house or in a garage. They were very reliable cars and this gets my vote as an easy and smart car to make your own.

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