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Make Microsoft 70-410 Exam Easier with Practice Tests!

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The widely used Windows operating system and Office applications are just some of Microsoft’s products which have made it popular for both business and domestic needs. Microsoft products, in general, have proved to be very useful in essential day to day operations that have helped companies to conduct businesses by drive more profits, and make tasks simpler and faster for individual users. IT professionals have even more to smile about, cause the Microsoft certification program offers them some of the most prestigious credentials in the IT world.

Let’s see what these offers are and explore one of the Microsoft exams in detail, which is 70-410 by code and which will lead you to the MCSA badge.

Microsoft: Is There a Certification for You?

There is always something for everyone that Microsoft can offer. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an expert, this vendor has a badge that will suit your skill level. For example, individuals who are new to the IT-sphere can opt for fundamental credentials, which require no prerequisites, and candidates only need to have basic IT knowledge and skills in order to pass these tests. Associate certifications are for specialists with about two years’ experience who are seeking career growth. Finally, expert credentials are the topmost options in the Microsoft program and target seasoned professionals. Most expert certifications require an associate badge as a prerequisite.

All the Exam-Labs Practice Test Questions credentials offered in these levels follow certain technology paths. They include Application building, Windows Server, Microsoft 365, Azure, and Productivity among the rest. Now, when you know the basics, let’s see what the features of the MCSA in Windows Server 2012 credential and one of its exams are.

What to Know about MCSA Windows Server 2012?

The Microsoft associate-level Windows Server 2012 certification is among the top picks for many IT professionals. It proves that one can drive value within a business environment breaching economic boundaries. Earning this credential qualifies one to be a system network administrator or a computer network specialist, and it is also the first step to becoming MCSE certified. The requirements for this certification involve passing the three exams, namely 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412. Test 70-410 is further discussed below.

Microsoft 70-410 Overview

This exam is the first step to getting the named MCSA certification, and it validates an individual’s ability to implement and configure Windows Server 2012 core networking services and Active Directory. 70-410 is available in the English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese languages. To enroll in it, you should also pay a fee of $165. In the main assessment, you’ll face from 40 to 60 questions of different types. To be exact, you should be ready to see the tasks in active screens, best answer, build lists, case studies, drag and drops, hot area questions, multiple choice questions, repeated answer choices, and short answer questions. The time allocated for completing it is 120 minutes. The Certbolt Microsoft 70-410 questions cover the domains mentioned below or other topics related to them. So, they are:

  • Server installation and configuration;
  • Server roles and feature configuration;
  • Configuring of Hyper-V;
  • Using and configuring core network services;
  • Active Directory installation and administering;
  • Creation and management of Group Policy.

So, to tackle the questions regardless of their topics, you should gain a deep understanding of the concepts. It will be easy for you if you use various study resources. Keep reading to know more about the most useful options.

Preparation Tools for Microsoft 70-410

Preparation for exam 70-410 requires candidates to know which tools suit them best and should help them become adequately equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass their test. Preferences vary, but in general the options listed below are most popular among the candidates. Let’s have a look at what they are:

  • Classroom training

Microsoft has a program that supports instructor-led learning in many countries through its partners. Candidates who enroll in this course should expect to have a five-day classroom training which involves studying the 20410D course for exam 70-410 with the guidance of an instructor. This method allows individuals to gain all the needed information from one on one interactions with accredited exam experts.

  • Exam prep videos

Prep talks usually expand on the significance of the skills measured in the assessment and help candidates understand how relevant these skills are. This insightful talk may as well give a candidate a wind of what to expect in the main test. You can easily find the prep talk for 70-410 on the Microsoft exam page.

  • Groups and community forums

Candidates can form small study groups and help each other prepare for 70-410. This option can make learning more fun but still effective since you engage in group activities that help keep your spirits up. Also, applicants can join 70-410 forum on the Microsoft website and become part of useful discussions about this exam with experts and other test-takers.

  • Books

Books are excellent for intensive learning sessions. They help you gain an in-depth understanding of the exam topics and put you in a better position for succeeding in the main test. Books for 70-410 are available at the Microsoft Press Store and include the following: Exam Ref 70-410 and Training Guide about Windows Server 2012.

Supplement Your Studies with Practice Tests

Using practice tests is one of the best ways of familiarizing yourself with the exam contents and structure. At times, when the mock test questions and answers used are highly valid, candidates can meet a part of those questions in the actual assessment. However, the materials with valid questions and accurate answers can’t just be picked anywhere. Only a few sources offer such quality and one of them is At this website exam candidates can get free mock tests for Microsoft 70-410 at any time and use them to practice as many times as they need. Also, there is an opportunity to buy expert-verified materials compiled in the 70-410 Premium Bundle available for $59,99. The products included in this valuable package are a mock test, a video tutorial, and a helpful study guide that were created to hone your skills and do brilliantly in upcoming 70-410 in the first try. What is more, provides its practice tests in the ete format so you can only use them with the ETE Exam Simulator. This software will show you the question types, the exam structure, and will allow you to set time limits like those in the real assessment.

In Conclusion

Getting any Microsoft certification helps professionals keep pace with the changing modern IT technical roles and prove their skills to employers. This may also help to unlock new career opportunities, a promotion, and attract a higher salary. Candidates interested in the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2012 can make their journey easy if they use’s reliable practice tests to prepare and pass Microsoft 70-410. Make this trustworthy platform your exam partner today and get certified with no difficulties!


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