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By Mark Weisseg

We all love Chargers, Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, Chevelle’s, and 32 Fords. These are easy to love and the car shows are stacked full of them. Big horsepower, shiny paint jobs, great wheel and tire combinations and of course, beautiful interiors.
But really, how many can look at it before you think , “ho hum”. Don’t get me wrong, I love those cars and many more, but lets us not forget the “other” cars out there that feel a bit lost in the shuffle.

Let me remind you of The Dodge Demon, the Javelin, the Mercury Cougar, the Olds 442 and more. You fill in the blanks. I love all old and classic cars and trucks but I get a bit weary of seeing the same vehicles every week. I tend to stop and look longer at the classic cars such as what I mentioned above. I mean a two seater AMX with a 390 is a rocket ship. The Olds 442 is a bit bulky but it is a great car and one just does not see enough of them anymore.

My hat is off to the guys and gals who find a car like I mentioned above and get that ride back to life. We all it is not cheap or easy to restore anything but parts are a bit tougher to find for a AMX versus a Mustang. So, I hope I made my point that we all love the classics as it reminds us of a different time of our lives.

Take a moment the next time you see one of these classics to thank the owner. Thank him or her for all the hard work and effort they exercised in order to keep our hobby alive. It’s that important.

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