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You Have To Love The Ford Torino

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By Mark Weisseg

Why is it so hard to find love for this Ford Torino?
The car is just so sweet with the long sweeping style, monster engine, and few to go around.

Most of the fast muscle car world gets caught up in Mustangs, Camaro’s and Mopar’s and it always seems to me anyway that we beat the same drummer all the time. Yes, we all claim to love many of the classics from the era but this car is an example of being overlooked. Overlooked unless you are in a Torino club or Ford Club. These cars were very good cars back when they were sold as new but never quite got the press as some other cars at the time. Why? Well, it is a larger car and the car is not known for being nimble. But Roadrunners were not either. So, why no love?

The Torino even had the very bad ass model Talledega and let me assure you that car was hot. Hot enough to run on the NASCAR circuit back in the days when we called it the Winston Club. Lord help us if we refer to anything positive regarding tobacco. But, this car was fast with the giant engine but most buyers settled for the steady and sturdy 302 engine. The issue with the Torino was it was seen by most as a regular daily driver. Our neighbor had a light green one when we were younger and it was cool. And that might be the issue. Image.

If you bought a Roadrunner, or a Mustang, or a Camaro you and everyone else imagined it to be a hot car. Fast, sleek, and expectations were met. Oh I do wish more of these were sold back in the say 1970 era as then we would have more around today. Don’t overlook this car as a classic. The numbers don’t back it up strongly and I say numbers as in resale value but this is one of those sleeper cars. Great style, has power, yet nothing is compromised with comfort.

So, I hope the Torino of the day finds love somewhere soon as I find there is always room for another great fast muscle car like this at our shows.

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