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Lost Muscle Car Book Review

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By Mark Weisseg

First I need to put out the disclaimers of I do not know the author. We are Facebook friends only because of our love of the Plymouth Road Runner. I have never met the author in person. The publisher sent me this book at no charge so I could read it and review it for all of you Fast Muscle Car fans.

Now that is out of the way I would like to tell you about this great book. It was written by Wes Eisenschenk and is 240 pages in length.
This book is a hardcore car lovers book that attempts to track down lost muscle cars of the past. The book contains many short stories and pictures of 45 cars. Some famous, some not. The author had some assistance by other authors as advisors. The book gives you very good background information and as much detail as possible on each car.

So, what did I like about this book? For example, page 100 is an interesting story about a 1971 Boss 302. The author goes into quite some detail regarding this particular car and you are left hoping for the best possible solution for the lost car.
If there was an area where I drifted away as a reader it was PaPa Johns Z/28.
So much has been written about the Pizza king and his desire to find his lost Z. I felt the very short story was out of place as the Pizza king has the deepest pockets known to find a very average car. Unlike you or me we usually do not have a quarter million dollars available as a reward to find a car that has no real value other than sentimental. This is only a minor complaint. Rich or poor, the cars in question are all worthy contenders.

With that said, I give this book a big thumbs up for the person who loves a good read.
A read about cars that were famous and not so famous. The author balances this very well and makes you the reader feel that you are a part of the story.

In conclusion, I hope the author finds the time and energy to do a follow up book on these 45 short stories. Or, possibly another book about the average guy living in the states and the hurtles heir she had to overcome to make there classic car a reality. Mr. Eisenschenk has a good feel for making a easy read while all along bringing you deeper into the world of collector cars. Kudo’s to the author on doing his homework and making the book one to enjoy.
Fathers Day is quickly approaching and this would make a great gift in lieu of another tie.
Here is a link to Amazon, where you can find the muscle car book .

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