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A look Back At Spring Driving

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By Mark Weisseg

This is more of a tale of asking you to appreciate the warm weather we have now, so you can get in as much driving time as possible.

Most of us in the Midwest and Eastern United States really got fooled again on the weather front. You see back in early March we had record setting warm weather. You see guys and gals like me pulled our cars out, prepped them for the driving season and even drove a little bit.

So, we all got ready and Zammo! Back to cold and snow. Yes, in the last week and a half I have experienced two days that were car worthy. Every other day has been cloudy, raining or snowing. I saw folks just a month ago driving the rag tops with the top down and stereos blazing. I saw more motorcycles and other sun worshippers preparing for a long year of warmth. It was all a bad dream now. Since I bought my latest classic I have driven it once.

Facebook and other social media sites are full of folks whining and moaning about what happened. Lots of good moods turned sour. Mine included. When this happens all of us in snow country vow we are going to move to warmer climate but then we realize our jobs are here and relocating is tougher than we wish. I know it’s on my radar as I mentioned once before and we know where we want to go. It’s landing income in that same weather. I always torture myself and say geez, I could drive everything I own anytime I want…… I hear that same line from all car and truck people.

I have a great friend in Phoenix, Arizona and about fifteen years ago he and his wife moved there from the Windy City. A few years after he moved I asked him what he would do different since his respective families are in the Midwest. My friend looked me in the eye and said they wish they had moved years earlier. He clearly is smarter than I.

So, what do we do? We wait. We wait like we do every year. I want so badly to get the car shows going, the warm summer nights, the ragtops down and the motorcycles buzzing.
So, to all you warm weather folks I want to admit we are jealous. I had a boss once who would proclaimed to me it did not matter where you lived ( even in bad weather) as long as you were happy. Well, he was an ass then and I would bet he still is. I want the vitamin D so bad right now. I need to hear the muscle cars, I need to hear exhaust systems and guys bragging about their cars. I need it more than ever. What bothers me is I was just in Florida a month ago and it feels like a year already.

So, remember guys and gals, make the most of the sunny months as the cycle comes around far too quickly.

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