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Lightweight is the way to go with a muscle car

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By Mark Weisseg

At one time if you were a Mopar guy you had to have a Charger, or a Road Runner, or something else with a big, bad ass engine. It’s what you did.

But quietly and for the right reasons a lot of cars snuck in under the radar. Here is an example. Take a Dodge Dart and drop in a 383, a 440 or a Hemi and you had a big advantage. Light weight car, moon hubcaps as we called them and all of a sudden you had yourself a monster.

If you did this you were smarter than the average bear and caught many takers off guard. Many times your competition thought you had a slant six or maybe a 340 V8. It was only upon closer examination did the fools find out you had one up your sleeve.

These little rockets could have bench seats and a column shifter. Nobody was the wiser until it was too late. Same was true of a Nova or even a tame looking Maverick or Mustang. Oh how much fun it was to watch the eye balls double in size once the gig was up. I love the sleeper look. You can get away with so much if you leave all the garnish off the plate.

Remember, it was about power, not looks.

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