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Learning From The Star Mechanics

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By Mark Weisseg

In my latest travels to SEMA I managed to get lucky and meet with Aaron and KC from Gas Monkey and Ryan from Counting Cars. Aaron’s beard was bigger than mine so I cut mine off.

This isn’t just an excuse to feature a picture of me, …it is, but to highlight the reason why these guys make it to the top.
What I discovered by talking to these guys is that even though they are in TV, they are no different than you or me. They work very hard and dreamed big. Of course privacy is now a thing of the past for them but not me. These are very talented people with a deep passion for our hobby. For the guys I met I discovered they were very humble, a lot like they were on TV, and happy to swap a story or two and plenty of information.

They were not picked because they read well at a audition, they are true car guys were TV came later. All of them were working hard, putting in long hours, not making a lot of money and never thought there success would ever really happen or sustain itself.

What they live for is the hobby. They work on classic muscle cars, they want to make them better and they want to help others. I was humbled by them and the stand out guy was Aaron and his girlfriend Lauren. I met them at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs the first year he attempted the pikes peak run. He could not have been nicer and more relaxed. He was a guy I could have spent more time with if the situation would have presented himself. a few tips here and there about my own current build help loads. As it should be between car guys, swapping tips and information so we all get better at what we do. No matter how long we have done something, there is always something else to learn.

The other added benefit of meeting well known car guys is that it gives you inspiration and motivation to carry on your work. However, not everybody has the chance or time to meet a well-known car guy, but just like the guys who made it to TV, they started as your everyday mechanic which you can seek out yourself.
Find like minded people in your area who work on muscle cars. Swap information, keeping contact and as long as you are continuing the hobby, you too are a star mechanic.

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