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Learning To drive Your Muscle Car In The Autumn And Winter Months

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By Mark Weisseg

This time of the year gets very tricky to drive in many places across the USA.
Summer is gone and here we are faced with autumn and winter. We need to remind ourselves to drive differently, Especially in our classic muscle cars with rear wheel drive.

The roads get leaves on them and that makes it feel like ice. That is why Bikers hate when people cut there grass and blow it into the street. It makes it like ice. Same with leaves.

Where I live the leaves fall off the trees in huge amounts, like in many tree-lined areas. I am not kidding when I say the one side of my home might be three feet deep in leaves. They blow all over the place. Obviously they blow onto the roads.

Our classic cars are our passions. We drive them in good weather and do the best we can to avoid rain and the worst that the elements can throw at our cars.

Most of us have a plan that in the next month the cars will be put away for the winter. The problem is we still drive them as long as possible. And that is where the trouble begins. Slippery or wet roads are our enemy.

As the picture shows somehow this driver ended up in a very bad situation. The other issue on top of this one is the lack of safety equipment. No air bags, no air curtains, no side bags, in some cases no seat belts!

I know you can say we drove them that way 40 years ago and nothing happened. Well, true but now you are 40 years older and your body cannot take a hit like it did when you were 20. Don’t kid yourself. We don’t recover from anything fast anymore.

For all you guys and gals on the west coast or areas not affected by snow, cold and all the other elements please heed the same warning. Our classic cars are not built for even minor accidents. So, slow down before the old age monster grabs you and really puts the brakes on you.

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