The Latest Video For The Challenger SRT Demon Dodge Hints At Top Power

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By Dave Ashton

Things are becoming quite cryptic from Dodge, as you can see from the latest video for the upcoming Challenger SRT Demon. The video concentrates on the car’s infotainment system highlighting power, torque and coolant temperature.

The cryptic messages go on as the clock is set at 7:57. Is this an indication of the final horsepower output? The infotainment screen/app also highlights every variant of data you could possibly want for analysing specs. For the drag strip.

There are graphical outputs for reaction time, individual timers for 0 to 60 mph and 0 -100 mph, quarter and 8 mile times along with vehicle speed. There is also driver selectable line lock, programmable shift light for every gear and a rpm-variable launch control.

There are other mainstay readouts, such as for oil, coolant, intercooler coolant, transmission and intake air temperature. The Challenger SRT Demon will also run its intercooler pump and cooling fan after the shutdown of the engine, which means boost levels that will definitely top the current Hellcat.

Thus, there should be plenty of data and information via the SRT Demon’s performance pages and we should get the full story when it is unveiled at the New York Auto Show.



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