Last Chance On a Dodge Viper

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By Mark Weisseg

At the 2016 Chicago auto show they had a moving display for the Viper. I had to go over and get a closer look at this hot rod because clearly this car will be a classic muscle car someday and collectors will want them.

This Viper was $89,000 and was quite the car. Cheaper than a loaded Corvette, just above a loaded Challenger with a Hellcat engine. By itself the car was and is a big winner. It is a pure hot rod by all measures. No way a car to take to the beach or fetch groceries. You might say 89k was a lot of money but I saw jazzed up Pickup trucks at the same price structure and they did not come with a beautiful knowledgeable model to tell you the background story.

I think and I am guessing now the Viper came out in 92. There are clubs all over the US and the world to celebrate and drive these muscle cars. Make no mistake, this car means business and if you buy one you are going to be one of the lucky few as we have been told this year maybe it for the Viper.

I am saddened that the Viper will be no more but the car goes right to collectible status if that holds true. What an amazing car of true hp and torque. It’s a beast among beasts for either the road or the track. The Viper is raw, abusive and drop your guard for second and it will bite. But this is what made the Dodge Viper such a long-standing performance car.

So, as the commercial states for so many products, “come get it before they are no more to get”.

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