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Ken Block Burns in the Gymkhana 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS

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Here we have an offering from Ken Block which is a UK package, with American sensibilities.
Its a very tentative link as these cars were nowhere near being muscle cars and don’t claim to be, but as the car is driven by Ken Block and a Ford, it’s worth mentioning.

The Ford Escort was a very popular car in the UK, much different than its American counterpart. A Mark I version can be seen in The Fast and Furious 6 (the blue one!).
They did very well on the rally circuit and just like muscle cars, owners tinkered and played with them to make all sorts of wonderful beasts. They didn’t have large displacement engines compared to US equivalents, as with all UK cars ( basically, small island= smaller roads, smaller cars needed. A practical not just a cultural thing.)
The RS 2000 version was probably the rarest and these had different trim options, especially in the form of a ‘Ghia’ option (if it had a ‘Ghia’ badge, oh, that was special!)

“This Escort Mk2 is special to me, it’s actually my first Ford rally car,” says Block. “I purchased it in 2008. It was designed to compete in tarmac events, but unfortunately those are quite lacking now stateside, so instead of converting it into a gravel machine, I had my team at Hoonigan Racing Division extend on its tarmac capabilities and develop it into the ultimate rear wheel-drive Gymkhana car.” said Ken.

Ken’s Escort houses a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Millington motor, generating 333HP. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox.
The styling of the car fits in line with the rest of Ken’s car lineup with a wider stance and arches by Rocket Bunny, the aim to build one of the most unique yet seen on an Escort Mark II.


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