Should We Keep the Dodge Demon off our roads? One Website Thinks so.

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By Dave Ashton

The 2018 Challenger SRT Demon with its 840HP output has been one of the celebration points for Dodge, but it seems an article over at thinks the new muscle car should be banned. The article even ends with saying, ‘the Demon remains unsafe at any speed.’

This seems to be a very strong reaction point, especially from a car website to quote their opening paragraph, ‘its registration as a road-worthy automobile should be banned.’ The reasons being that Dodge shouldn’t offer a drag race ready car that is road legal that puts bragging rights ahead of public safety. The article also quotes the National Hot Rod Association as banning the Demon for being “too fast.” This point in itself is really untrue, as it’s only if the Demon reaches 9 seconds will it need the same safety specifications as any other dragstrip car and would only be banned in its stock state.

Firstly, the Dodge Demon isn’t going to be released in vast numbers. It is a limited edition vehicle with the idea of bolstering sales of other Dodge vehicles. It’s also a celebration of muscle cars in general, which for the last 40+ years have revelled in their power and performance. This means that for the last 40 years, if you took on the same opinion as the article, muscle cars and any type of performance vehicle shouldn’t exist on the road. This would make the car world a very pedestrian, uninteresting, realm, reduced to nothing more than basic transportation devices.

Clearly, there are many avenues of debate with this point. Even from the viewpoint most traffic accidents are caused by a wide variety of vehicles, not just performance cars. But using such a blunt standpoint for the Dodge Demon which has clearly pushed boundaries, especially taking into account the air conditioning cooling system into the engine, which is quite revolutionary seems too strong a standpoint to just say it shouldn’t be allowed.

The Dodge Demon in some ways has revitalized not just the muscle car world, but performance cars in general and injected excitement into the car world with the ethos of what all car lovers have been attracted to over the last 40+ years. Our reaction at fast muscle car is that we need more of the same. A muscle car that can top 1,000+ from stock, hit 2.0 seconds in a 0-60mph. Why? Because it’s pushing the boundaries and that’s what human nature is about.

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