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Kar Kraft Book Review

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By Mark Weisseg

My home library is packed with all types of automotive books and magazines. I thought I just about read everything I could by this point. However, CarTech books just put out a hard cover book that has changed my mind.

Written by Charlie Henry the book entails all the facts about Kar-Kraft and the role it has played in the modern muscle car industry. Most of us know of that company if you love the Mustang Boss 429. But, this book takes you back even before Kar -Kraft took up that challenge. You see, Charlie Henry was an employee of the company. He along with many former employees got together and shared there memories of a company barely noticeable to most muscle car lovers. But Kar -Kraft engineered and built Prototypes, Race Cars, and were the backbone of the Ford Specialty Vehicle Activity Program. Today we call it SVT.

The book covers the history of the Ford GT40 race program, and much more. If you want to understand Fords roots in the Trans Am, NASCAR, NHRA, and Can Am series this is the book. The book is 192 pages thick with behind the scenes stories and pictures never seen before. As a matter of fact you will see 332 pages of black and white as well as color photos that most enthusiasts have never seen. Mr. Henry takes you down the historic path of how a small California company grew to be the powerhouse it became. You will learn why Ford and. Ferrari almost joined as one to become the worlds best racing team. Only after Enzo Ferrari backed out of the deal did Ford set out to beat Ferrari at LeMans.

With the help of Kar Kraft Ford became a powerhouse in the racing world. Ford and Kar Kraft set out to win at many other race venues as well. The author takes you back to the engineering and expertise Kar Kraft had. You will read stories from the actual engineers and how they developed programs and cars that shook up the race community. Did you know it was Kar Kraft that engineered that monster four twenty nine engine in that street legal Mustang? It’s in the book along with many other fascinating stories. But, it all came to a cruel end in nineteen seventy. Why you ask? Buy the book and learn information you never knew. And, you get it first hand not only from the author Charlie Henry but from a number of other engineers that were there.

If you want to know the facts behind so many great cars go here is a link to Amazon where you can find the book. This hard back thick book costs only $39.95 plus shipping and handling. I must tell all of you I had a hard time putting this book down. The history of the Ford – Ferrari fallout, the win at Lemans, the NASCAR years , plus much more. It’s a great read with many individual stories and pictures never before seen. You’ll love this book and is the source for you. Thank you again and enjoy this wonderful book.

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