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By Mark Weisseg

This picture came from the web site you see on the photo. For those of us that love old classic cars this picture hurts deep. It would hurt deep no matter if it was a stack of Fords, or a pile of GM’s. But, it’s a pile of Mopar’s and for you younger guys this is what happened back in the day. We drove them in rain or shine, snow, or clouds. They were regular cars that we enjoyed daily. If it rained you used the wipers. Today, we scan the radar via the Internet and if we see rain within 500 miles…..

You see when we had these cars back in the day if we got rust we slapped bondo in it. We spent plenty of time filling in the holes and sanding it smooth. Then, a spray of primer, and then the finally spray of paint that never really matched. But, they were just used cars back then and we drove them until they just could not be patched anymore. Yes, before the Internet and mobile devices we relied on newspapers, catalogs and word of mouth. These auctions today where you see a car sell for fifteen million dollars was unheard of back in the day. How could any car be worth that much money? Are we crazy? What in the world happened that made a Dodge Charger with a Hemi engine worth way over 100k? Are you crazy? We never and I mean never gave it a thought back in the day. You never heard about COPO and rarely did a Yenko turn your head.

Yes, Mr. Norms name was out and about but mostly in the Midwest. So, how did this crazy notion get started that certain cars are being bought for crazy , silly numbers? Well, my hunch is the baby boomers did it. Look who buys and sells these classics. They are or we are buying our memories. I agree with those of you that believe the prices have gone nuts. It is keeping out plenty of great people who cannot afford to get in. Once you are in, you are in. But, cracking the surface to get in today is tough. Now, I am a collector so I don’t want a price bubble burst but I do want more younger people in. We need to grow our hobby and make sure new blood is always coming in. If we don’t, we are dead meat in a few short years. That is a shame.

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