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Jeff Lilly Mopar 1000 CU Super Charged Hemi

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One of the best Mopars out there?


Moparz will have a custom chassis to house the world’s only 1000 cubic inch Hemi V-8 engine, “see engine specs below” 6 speed tranny, one off independent suspension system front and rear with electric power brakes and 14 inch rotors set behind the one off “Cuda Bullet” wheels featuring no visual lug nuts. The interior will be built with custom one off seats, pistol grip shifter with custom inlaid wood and a Black Chrome shifter arm. A/C, killer stereo, modern dash and door panel treatments etc, The exterior will feature a custom fabbed Charger style concealed head light system, repositioned Cuda hood bulges, Cuda lower valance air grilles, Recessed Challenger style tail lights, The roof will be chopped and raked at the front 2 inches from stock, the front and rear windshield will be refitted from the interior side to allow a rolled edge opening with no chrome moldings. The rear qter panels will be slightly longer to accommodate a custom transition spoiler that wraps slightly around the rear light assembly. The Bumpers will be cut and fitted close to the body with the door handles, locks and gas cap removed and smoothed. In addition other Mopar models and their specific treatments will be added.

MOPARZ will house a very large Hemi, It has never been built before but after doing some serious Math and combining the right Hemi engine parts” see below” it will enable us to build the Only Known HEMI with 1000 cubic inches in a V8 package, pumping mega horsepower through a 4 inch oval exhaust system and the sound will be like no other ever heard. With an insane Mopar like this, what else would you expect? If you are to be the future Owner, Call Jeff to discuss Your Muscular Future (210-695-5151)


Engine specs

1000 CU Super Charged Hemi Engine BUILT BY JIM ODDY RACE ENGINES
CN Custom 5.300 Bore Space Hemi Block-5.100 Bore Size
Bryant Custom 6.125 Stroke 5.300 Bore Space Crankshaft
(5.100 x 5.100 x 6.125 x .7854 x 8 = 1,000.98cu)
5.300 Bore Space Hemi Cylinder Heads, 2.700 Intake Valve, 2.0 Exhaust Valves
8- 2.700 Titanium Intake Valves
8- 2.0 Exhaust Valves
Jessel Hemi Rocker Gear
Custom 70mm Roller Camshaft
Custom Dan Olson Dry Sump Oil Pan
Moroso Dry Sump Pump
Custom Aluminum Billet connecting rods
Custom Hemi Blower Pistons & Pins
HD Push Rods
Custom Sheet Metal Hemi Rocker Covers
Custom Sheet Metal Blower Intake Manifold
Pro Charger F3 Blower
Pro Charger Drive Kit
Electronic Fuel Injection
Estimated 1500 to 2000 horsepower


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