January 2017 Barrett Jackson

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By Mark Weisseg

Action Jackson as we once said. It was a child’s toy and I had one. Now, all these years later I have a different bucket list. One of them was to go to the Barrett Jackson auction in January.

I watched it on TV for years always in amazement of the money thrown around. Well, I made my reservations. I am going to be there the last week of the two week run. I really will be paying attention there on the last Friday and Saturday. That is when they wheel out the big money cars.

I am going to pay attention for you and then at some point report back to you what I saw. I am sure my jaw will be on the floor as the big money gets tossed around. I have seen it on TV but I really need to see it for myself. I thought about getting a bidders pass but did you know the minimum amount is five hundred dollars just to bid? Sure they throw in some extra goodies but if you buy it then you have a lot of extra expenses just to get your new baby home. It’s the big leagues and I am a minor league player at best. So, if you are there in person look for me. If you are watching it on TV watch for me. I will have the big eyes and open mouth with drool pouring out. Either way I get to check off a big bucket list item.

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