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Is This Mustang Worthy of Restoration?

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this very tired Mustang on line the other day because somebody was driving along somewhere and claims they saw it sitting like this.
I doubt the story as everyone and anyone who is a Mustang lover would have snapped this up long ago.

But, let’s look at the picture carefully. The paint is bad, the interior is bad, the tires are maypops, the wheels are rusty, who knows how the condition of the engine and transmission after all this clear abuse, but the glass is there, except for the window being down on the passenger side.
So, with all the bad and knowing what we know, this car is a complete tear down project. It will cost thousands and thousands of dollars and may take up to a year or longer to get it right, depending on your resources. So, the big question always is; Is this worth all that?
The answer is always yes for some reason. Either because the older Mustangs are hard to obtain, or it may have matching numbers and we are giddy with joy.

Years ago, a car in this shape would be taken to the bone yard and it would be forgotten.
Today, if it was on a trailer heading to the bone yard, you would get stopped five times before you got near the place. You would sell it to someone and think they are the biggest idiots in the world for buying this junk piece.
As they drove away with the Mustang in tow, they would be thinking you were the biggest idiot for selling it to them.

How ironic, but I mentioned in an earlier article a friend of mine heard about a 69 Roadrunner convertible that had been neglected and was sitting in a garage. He and I and the few others that know about this car, are going crazy to see it this month and see if we have the bones to make it whole.

We are now at the point where we really cannot throw any of these old classics away anymore, they are all too rare and priceless these days. There is obviously a cut-off point where the vehicle is too far gone and it would be just as much work to build your own chassis and subframe, than restore, but depending on the car, they are now all worth saving.

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