The IROC Z: The Best Classic Camaro Investment?

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The special edition Camaro IROC-Z may not be the most fashionable of Camaros, but they may be the ones to invest in.

According to Bloomberg  the IROC-Z has increased up to 50% in value since 2011 and shows no sign of slowing down.

As most examples were driven hard, modified or drag raced, is hard to find a pristine example. When one does come up for sale, it usually gets its asking price.

“The gap between the best and the rest continues to widen, and it’s still happening—that’s the surprising thing,” says Jonathan Klinger, a spokesman and analyst at Hagerty. “As time marches on, when you have these original examples that haven’t been beat up, people start to finally remember them, and it’s like, ‘Oh wow. They look like a modern classic.’ Those are the ones that are rising in value.”

For example, a 1990 Camaro IROC Z with only a few thousand original miles sold for $49,500 earlier in the year. if you shop around on websites such as eBay, you can find some clean examples such as this ’87 model.

The IROC Z has had its accolades over the years, with Car and Driver : the IROC one of the best cars of the year for 1985. “The Camaro looks like a hundred-thousand-dollar car, and if we saw Camaros as seldom as we see Ferraris, we’d probably pay that for it.” Motor Trend called it precise, powerful, and a better-looking car than the Mustang.

So, the message here is to keep your eye out for low mileage IROC Z Camaros, built from 1985 to 1990. You may just end up with a future rarity.


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