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An Incredible 1967 Mustang fastback by Matthew Hickey

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Here we have a great submission from down under from Matthew Hickey and his fantastic looking 1967 Mustang fastback.

‘Hi guys, Matthew Hickey (from Sydney,Australia) is my name and here is my ’67 fastback in Highland green.
The car was taken back to bare metal a couple years back.
My kids love it, as they’ve grown up with it since they were really little.’

‘My 67 mustang (3 speed hurst shifter manual)had to be taken back to bare metal. Its got a 302 with 289 heads. Looks and sounds fantastic.’

‘Even though there was no rust, there were some sunken divots/cracks on the roof line & the panel beater said ‘the previous owners to the car had taken the cheaper way out & kept adding paint on to the existing duco.
If we just sprayed over on top & I’d have the samething happen in a couple years time. So it was taken back to bare metal & painted in my favourite Highland green.

It was done in Sydney & it was an amazing job with commendable comments everywhere I go on how good it looks. The paint & panel is or very close to concours condition.
I deleted some side badging & deleted FORD on the bonnet to give it a bullitt look.
When I to muscle car shows with my kids, we notice that our ’67 fastbacks paint/panel is up there with top 10%.


It was originally imported by a muscle car dealer & I had it trailered to Sydney & am the 1st Aussie owner to register it in Australia.
Together with on going mechanicals to engine, diff, suspension, interior upgrades & Kelsey Hayes disc brakes, the car has transformed from a daily driver to something special.
Ive owned it now for 8 years & is a part of myself & my kids life. We have also watched it increase in value over the last 8 years, so it’s a good investment as well.(If I had of bought a bmw for 50k 8 years ago instead, you’d be lucky to get $12k Aus for it now.)
I’ve had a car full of girls sing mustang Sally to me at a set of traffic lights & a guy yelling out he’s gonna buy it off me there n then at another set. But it’s never for sale.’




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