If Car Commercials Were Honest

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…oh so harsh!

The way cars are sold, either directly to us or via TV commercials has changed immensely over the years. The way of just presenting the functionality of the car as its selling points to our present day, emotionally driven, Hollywood type commercials, is still trying to get over the same message, this is the car you need to own.

But the video parody below is more having a dig at the cliched car salesperson and car commercials themselves.

Everybody has met the cliched second-hand car dealer who has tried to sell us the proverbial lump of coal dressed up as a gold nugget. But this type of sales tactic depends on the type of vehicle we are looking for.
What we do know is from the cheapest to the most expensive vehicles, the car salesperson and vehicle commercials, are about trying to sell as many vehicles as possible and in a highly competitive market, you can bet they have thoroughly researched every way possible to convince us that their vehicles are the best.

The way forward
Just like the parody video says, you can bet every car salesperson and every car commercial has been highly optimized and trained to press our emotional buttons and want these vehicles like nothing else, so really it is our job to take this on board like a High Court judge and take the information as just one aspect of the whole picture.
It is up to us as discerning car buyers to define our criteria for a car and stick to that, i.e. budget, makes and models and what we essentially want from a car.
If we strictly look at car purchases in this way, we can take car salespeople and car commercials as a viewpoint and information for us all to decide upon, not to be condensed into a knee-jerk purchase.

Compare the two commercials below from 1949 and 1915 for Lincoln vehicles.
The earliest video shows how that era of commercials were more wrapped up within the show they are featured within and feature the individual benefits of owning one of those cars.
The 2015 version is about pure emotion and the lifestyle you will be joining if you want one of the vehicles.
Which commercials do you find the most tempting??

1949 Lincoln Mercury Car Commercial

2015 Lincoln MKC with Matthew McConaughey Commercial

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