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By Mark Weisseg

Every hot rodders dream is to walk from the house, down the hallway and open the door to the garage and see this. I know it’s mine. I kind of laughed as I saw how neat and clean the garage was. Mine is packed to the rafters with tools, equipment and just stuff.

Look, I drive around a lot and for the most part I see garages like mine. When I do see the guy that has all the rakes and shovels on the walls in an outlined form I want to pull over and strangle him. How do you keep it so neat? Mine is under that pile over there. It’s in that drawer over there. Dig around a bit. I will get you in the general area but then you need to dig around a bit. These guys that have everything organized and perfectly set up drive me nuts. I have so much stuff I pity the slob that someday will need to go through it. Heck, there are days I make a discovery in my own garage like I am finding T Rex bones. Have you ever gone out and bought another chain for your chain saw and then discover like a month later a new one still in the plastic container. That’s another beef. Why are those plastic containers that holds our products impossible to open? By the time I can get one of these open I am too tired to do what the project was. Crimanese after all. But, my crazy goal is to have everything I own that should be in the garage in a findable place. It’s a dream but we all need a goal. It’s like living in fat city and believing someday you will go home. Ain’t happening Charlie Brown. Chug a Choo.

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