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I Thought It Was In Reverse

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By Mark Weisseg

Older cars were three speeds on the column at one time. Throw in an inexperienced driver and what was thought to be in a reverse gear…. Well you see.

You also see this sort of fun all over the country today. Old man drives through liquor store or old lady drives through a restaurant than has no drive thru window. The two excuses are: I thought I had it in reverse, or my favorite, I hit the gas pedal rather than the brake. Or, I did both. The excuse that used to be the number one was that the brakes failed. Then came along testing that could prove the brakes were fine.

So, it came down to reverse and gas pedal. Sometimes people get injured or worse. This accident appears to be one you never live down. But the real lesson here is sometimes accidents do happen. But, generally it’s someone that maybe should not be behind the wheel due to age or health.

Just this past Saturday where I live there was a terrible accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Two people were killed. What happened was a 85 year old man somehow drove the wrong way on the pike and hit another car head on. It seems impossible knowing that road but it happened. Please, if you think someone in your very own family should not be driving do something about it today. We did in our family as my Mother was starting to drive like Mr.Magoo. It was very unpleasant to pull her license and car but we may have saved her life or a complete strangers life.

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