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How To Make A Stress-Free Memorial Day Weekend Trip

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How To Make A Stress-Free Memorial Day Weekend Trip

stressfree Memorial Day trip

Research by AAA says this Memorial Day holiday weekend will see the highest travel volume in 10 years, with a predicted 37.2 million people travelling, with 33 million using a car.

As the saying goes, preparation is better than cure, so doing a little advance planning will make your Memorial Day cruise all the more pleasurable.

Get your ride in order.
If you are planning to take out your beloved muscle car, make sure it is serviced, tested and every fluid you can top up, top up!
If you want to get adventurous, then renting a car is a possibility. This isn’t just your basic rental guide which you can use and abuse, and take back, there are many car rental places which will hire out something more exciting, like Camaro SS, Dodge Challenger RT or Corvette stingray. You obviously will pay more than your average rental car, but for the extra pleasure and excitement, the cost is more than worth it. This may also be a chance for you to try out some of the latest muscle car offerings and see how well they compare to a classic.

Plan your route
Usually, when it comes to holidays, everybody has the same idea and hit the road at the same time.
Maybe choose a destination that is not completely obvious and will not be as crowded.
The satnav is your friend!

Plan for the worst!
Yes, this sounds a bit negative when you are thinking about a happy holiday weekend, but it is better to plan ahead for what may go wrong then have to deal with it at the time.
Things like breakdown cover are included with rentals, but make sure you have this in place, especially with an older vehicle.
Spare wheels, spare engine coolant, engine oil, wheel brace overall things you should have in your car when taking a long journey.
Make a small list of everything you need for your journey, then slowly work through the list so you have completed everything.

These may be obvious points, but spending just a little time covering the basics, may save you hours of frustration.
You really don’t want anything to spoil the fun on the day.

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