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How to Keep Your Muscle Car in Good Shape: A Simple Car Cleaning Guide

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There are certain things you should do to keep your muscle car clean and in great condition. Check out our car cleaning guide by clicking right here.

If you own a muscle car, then you want to be able to drive it around and show it off. In order to do that, there are certain things you must do in order to maintain its condition and keep it clean.

Keep reading for some helpful maintenance and car cleaning tips that will keep your muscle car in top shape.

  1. Watch the Fluids

Most classic cars don’t get driven every day, which is why it is important to keep an eye on the oil, water, and brake fluid levels. Before taking it out for a spin, make sure the fluid levels are all where they should be so the motor stays lubricated and doesn’t overheat.

One of the most important car tips is you need to drive your car at least once a month. This gives the fluids a chance to run through the entire system. Make sure the car runs through its heating cycles.

Watch the temperature gauge, and make sure the engine gets up to temperature and then cools itself off. If your car sits for long periods of time, the seals and rubber components will become dry rotted, which can cause major damage.

It is also bad for the gears and tires to sit in one position for too long, as this may lead to the gears seizing up and the tires going flat.

  1. Cleaning Routine

Once you have returned from your drive, it is a good opportunity to give your car a thorough cleaning, inside and out.

The interior carpet, under the floor mats, and the seats should all get vacuumed to help remove dirt and dust build-up. Hard surfaces such as the dashboard and interiors of the doors should get wiped down and moisturized with a polish to avoid cracking.

The exterior, including the undercarriage and wheel wells, should be washed. Once dry, the vehicle should be waxed as much as possible. Waxing helps keep your paint in good condition and gives it a nice shiny finish.

Make sure to wear proper protective gear when cleaning your vehicle. That means donning a face mask, a mechanic suit (or old clothes and an apron), goggles, and puncture-resistant nitrile gloves. This way, you can avoid injuries, infections, irritation, and inhaling fumes from chemical cleaners and other products.

  1. Storage

How you store your muscle car between drives and washes is very important. You should avoid parking it on dirt or gravel so that moisture doesn’t get into the car from underneath.

You should also store your vehicle out of direct sunlight. The sun will cause the interior fabrics to fade, make any plastic or vinyl become brittle, and deteriorate the exterior paint.

If possible, avoid storing your car in extremely cold temperatures. The cold will allow moisture to rust the car. The wipers will freeze against the windshield, and your locks will also get damp and freeze up.

Driving the car at least once a month will help prevent this. Store the car inside a garage if possible.

Learn More Car Cleaning and Maintenance Tips Today!

If you follow these tips on car cleaning and maintenance, you should be able to keep your muscle car looking brand new and driving great too.

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