How To Chuck A Skid: American Burnouts Versus Australian Burnouts

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today’s lesson is brought to you by the nation of Australia.
Today’s lesson will apparently teach the US how to properly pirouette, turn and essentially keep turning during one of our most beloved of past times, the humble burnout.

It seems the Australians are most infuriated by the overly simplistic nature of an American burnout. The Australian’s choreography requires more elaborate moves, which referred to in its Latin terminology as, ‘chucking a skid.’

Below is a transcript of the lesson for you to rehearse during your burnout practice sessions. Please read them thoroughly during the tire smoking phase and especially when the rear end of your car catches fire.
Your pirouettes must continue…

‘Chucking a skid’ lesson. (Credits will be awarded for the most hazardous fire produced. Fire extinguishers are banned.)
‘This time around, we’ll show you that in Australia we have a whole range of different ways of ‘Chucking a skid.’
‘Pay close attention so far, it seems that you Yanks have the attention span of a goldfish…….’

The ‘Tip In’
Throwing a car into a spin at high speed while the ties are smoking up a storm. Usually performed at the beginning of a burnout.

Flaming Burnouts

Flames and smoke.

Buy a dunger & chuck a skid!

Buy a small car & chuck a skid.

Just chuck a skid because you can.

Buy an American car and chuck a skid……..(good tip!)

The end of the lesson…
Don’t forget that big round thing in front of you has a use, turn the bloody thing!’

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