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Why Hot Rods Will Change Your Life

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By Mark Weisseg

Did you folks know that Jeff Beck has a whole bunch of ’32 Fords? I was told he has them across the pond and he is one of us. Well, he has has always been one of us if you love real rock n roll music. He’s one of the few living legends left anymore. Now, this article is not about Jeff Beck. It’s about Hot Rods and our love affair for them. So much can be done when you build one that the opportunities are limitless. From the current faze of rat rods to the builder who literally designs and builds his own creation. Either way we are lucky creativity is not in short order. The only thing holding you back is you.

I have mentioned before I would like to restore a hot rod. I can visualize it already done. I just need to wrap up about five other things going on now so I can even really think I could do it. But, for all you guys and gals that are in the process of or are done one I salute you. It’s a rough road and everyone you come in contact with as an opinion. I know that first hand.

I have whined before about some of my own cars. People would walk up to me unannounced and proceed to tell me how they would have done it. At first I would smile and thank them. Over time I became bitter. I admit it. I finally started to tell them to buy there own and do what they are telling me to do. That always worked.
As a hot rod can be taken in any direction, all these ideas can be poured into a vehicle like this, which means if everybody restored a hot Rod, we would all be swapping ideas and that’s the way it should go.
It’s not an easy task doing a restoration, but the end result is oh so worth it.

See my point? I know you do. Thank you hot rodders for taking chances and not giving up your dream. Anyone know Jeff Beck? Tell him Mark says Hey!

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