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By Mark Weisseg

This is what it was like to go to the service station. Neat, clean buildings that provided a safe haven for your car. You knew the uniformed man would take your keys and fix your car. He had to because most families only had one car. It was a friendly place that was inviting. Kids would come by on there bikes and get a pop for a nickel. Old men would come down and tell stories and bitch about everything. They would whittle or just watch from a distance.

Now in 2016 kids are in there rooms playing video games or are to tired to come outside. Old men don’t walk down to the service center because it does not exist.

Today a service station sells sub sandwiches and made to order sandwiches. The insides are buzzing with people wandering around looking for food or a quick bottle of some sort of caffeine drink. It’s a very busy place that has its own smell to it.

There is no place to watch cars being repaired because they do not do that. Generally young people work there but have no clue about anything other than how to work the lottery machine or make coffee. It’s a different world today and we as muscle car lovers don’t like it. We like our old cars.

Times obviously change and the service stations of old would obviously not fit in today’s society or would they?
Convenience is the name of the game these days, but it’s still good to look back at the old service stations and what they represented.



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