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Hot Rod: Performance, Custom and Muscle In One

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By Mark Weisseg

The hot Rod has arguably been around as long as cars themselves.
The want to take a light, easy to modify and inexpensive vehicle to another level has always been part of American culture and always will be.
These days, hot Rods usually bring up images of pre-50s vehicles, like a model T or model A Ford, but arguments over definitions aside, all these vehicles are incredible works of art and are a great platform for anybody’s automotive vision.

When I see an amazing hot rod build like this one I get very nosy. I want to run over to the owner and ask how much did it cost, where did he build it, how long did it take and and how many marriages failed while building this?

The only answer I might get is how long it took and where it was built.
You can tell the engine is a big one, check out the pipes. All you notice from afar is the paint, but up close you will be glued to it.
The quality construction, the chopped, bad ass look, and the over the top quality, you won’t forget soon. I will lay odds that when this hot rod rumbles into a cruise, everyone takes notice and for all the right reasons.

We all know the owner has a whole bunch of money in this example and it appears no corners were cut.
High end builds like this take and amazing amount of patience.
Forget the money for a moment and focus on the time. Days, nights, weekends and more to get this road worthy and enjoyable.
The builder has to make also make sure it is a regular driver. Beautifying the car is one thing, making it reliable is another. Cars like this certainly have more skin in the game than a guy who buys a stock car, cleans it up, throws a coat of paint on it, and calls it a restoration.
You could also argue that hot rods were the genesis of aftermarket car parts and the want to improve a car’s base platform.

These types of hot rods are in a class all by themselves and I for one congratulate them on a job very well done. Very well done.

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