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Holy Smokes It’s a Beautiful Caddy

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By Mark Weisseg

Normally I am hesitate to provide a blessing to a resto mod. I take my time, look it over, and see if I can feel the cars difference.

However, Gadzooks, and holy mackerel this Cad ill truck as we used to call them turned my head. It was love at first sight or maybe lust at first site. Call it what you will but this red stand out Caddy is all me. Well, I wish it were all me. And, I wish it was in my garage. I am not sure it would fit but old Uncle Ted would make me try. You Americans that watch the outdoor channel know who I am referring too.

But, what a stud. If I launched this yacht down our highway system full of cracks, pot holes or Chuck holes as some call them this barge will gracefully float over them like Liberace at his concerts. You know this baby has a big engine because it needs that 472 to get it rolling. Maybe the lucky owner dropped in a aircraft engine to move this ship but I don’t care. This car is beautiful from all angles. Just imagine driving down any long twisty two lane road in this beautiful car. The sense of floating would be awesome. And, when you turn the tiller, I mean steering wheel the car would gently and effortlessly go where you pointed it. The older I get the more I appreciate these old man cars. That’s what they were back in the days when they were sold. Old men and blue haired widows. Now, caddy is a different company completely but I long now for one of these golden era cars in my ownership garage

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