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Heaven Is Classic Fast Muscle Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture of these classic fast muscle cars lined up and the title is the first thing that ran through my brain. And the second was I hope row two has my preference of some Mustangs and Chevrolets.

Clearly I am not in any rush to get to heaven but, when I do attend a show or a cruise and see a line up like this one, I get easily distracted and I am referring to a all Fords and GM’s as well.

For us gear heads, this is what we live for. I admit I like the Porches, the Ferrari’s and other cars out there but, these old hunks are in my blood. I grew up with them, I worked on them, and I still see them to this day.
How many other Hobbies are like this in that you can still enjoy something you loved 50 years ago, like it really was 50 years ago.
If you were into Lionel trains in the mid sixties you can still enjoy them but few remain. And the ones that do survive are behind glass and key because you might break it.
If you break a ’64 Malibu this weekend, you will be ticked off,but you will fix it by Monday at the latest.
99 percent of what we loved back then can still be driven. Only a rare amount are tucked away in a secret bunker not to be enjoyed on a daily basis. I feel for those guys.
Can you imagine the conversations with a friend? “So, Bob, how’s the old 66 Chevelle doing these days”? ” Well, Stan, I am not sure because it is in a special water proof, fire proof, tornado proof, hurricane proof, and human proof Bunker six levels below the earths surface and you need a special access key to see it behind the bullet proof , sound proof, dust proof glass”. ” Well Gee Bob, sound like fun I think”?

Yes, we take precautions to guard against some baby strollers or shopping carts but most of us that own these cars really want to drive and enjoy them. If not car shows and cruises it would be tumble weed shows. You folks get it when I say nothing is better than pulling up to a light and somebody gives you the thumbs up for your car. You feel ten feet tall and want to share your passion not hide it away.

So, heaven can wait as the movie title states because there is so much to love and do yet in our classic car world and time goes by so quickly that we need to get going right away.

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