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By Mark Weisseg

The Graveyard Cars TV show seems to be popular. Mark Worman is the host and he has some characters working for him that really seem to know what to do. The show is all about Mopar’s so if you are a Ford or Chevy person there is not much here to see here.

Except maybe Marks daughter. She’s learning the business but is clueless for the most part. All she does at this point is provide eye candy. So, is it a good show? Well, it’s gotten better. A few years ago they spent a lot of time insulting one another and calling each other names. All of these types of shows always seems to have a “kick me” person for laughs.

Well, the show has changed. They unloaded a few of the clowns but Mark fills those shoes once in a while.
When I talk to my fellow Mopar guys all they want from the show is an education.

Mark knows his Mopar’s. The problem is he gets nutty at times and acts like a jackass. If the producers could stop that crap, the show just might be the best on that channel. Most Mopar guys and gals want the education and love to see a car go from a shell to a final product. No other show on TV is like this right now.

If Mark would stop dancing and shadow boxing and just throw in a laugh once in a while we all would like it. His cars are great, the back stories are interesting, but the bright lights seems to go to his head at times. We all can relate to a clueless student learning the ropes. That’s fine. But, do we need all the bs in the middle? No.

They have some really cool projects and the processes are interesting. We just hope they settle down and make a Mopar driven show that gets the Ford and Chevy guys jealous. Look for a competitor show to pop up soon. You don’t think the other muscle car guys are going to sit back and let a Mopar win do you? Zooks.

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