Good Or Bad Car Resale Colors For Men

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Good Or Bad Car Resale Colors For Men

Good Or Bad Car Resale Colors For Men

Car color choice could be very important when buying a new or used car.
Men are typically seen to spend more on cars and pay extra for limited-edition colors, while women are seen to be more practical in their car choices.
New research has shown that the color of a car can strongly affect its resale value.

Research by  shows many different factors concerning the different colors men and women will opt for and which of have the best resale colors.

‘Overall, men have a stronger preference for red cars than women by 12.3%, for orange cars by 11.8% and for black cars by 9.6%. Women have a stronger preference for silver cars than men by 9.2%, brown cars by 9.1% and gold cars by 7.3%.’

‘Among the top color choices by men, red and black are the most popular colors for used sports cars and white (fourth most-preferred by men than women) is the most popular hue for pickup trucks.’

Interestingly, in another study they have found that the less common colors like yellow and orange depreciate the least – Yellow-26.2%,Orange-27.6% with black at the bottom with 34.4%.

These findings essentially mean that the most common colors are not necessarily the best colors to choose with resale in mind.
This doesn’t mean everybody should go out and buy a yellow vehicle just because it may sell for more than a black vehicle. There are obviously many other factors involved in a car’s resale value, but the main takeaway should be you choose your car color on your own preferences as this will make you the happiest, but at least bear in mind the data for how your choices may affect its resale value.

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