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GM Cars Old and New: Chevrolet Auction and C8 Development

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By Dave Ashton

GM muscle cars are a popular choice for both collectors and new buyers. Those out there who are partial to a GM muscle car could have the chance to grab a solid classic from the Muscle Car City auction coming at the end of January.

We’re going to take a closer look at the inventory from the muscle car city collection. Plus, for those interested in the development of the mid-engined C8 Corvette, Chevrolet has put together a few videos documenting the design cycle.

No matter if you’re interested in the old or the new from GM, there’s plenty of examples out there to choose from.

Muscle Car City Auction

Rick Treworgy, the owner of Muscle Car City, will be selling off his huge collection of General Motors vehicles on January 22 via Mecum Auctions. The auction will include 80 Corvettes from all generations, including the latest version such as a 2020 Corvette C8. There are also plenty of examples of golden era muscle cars such as classic Chevelles, Camaros, GTOs, and everything in between.

Although Mr. Treworgy had it in the pipeline to retire and sell his car inventory in the next few years, the coronavirus has pushed forward proceedings. Treworgy will still keep some prized examples for his own mini collection which will include 20 1967 Corvettes.

If you’re interested in any of the vehicles in the auction, all the cars are listed on the Mecum website.

Corvette C8 Development

Although a mid-engined Corvette seems like a totally new proposition, GM have been tinkering with the idea for many a decade. The 2019 C7 ZR1 with 755HP and 715 ib. ft. of torque pushed the platform as far as it can go. Executive chief engineer Tadge Juechter and his team matched the new C8 design against other boutique super cars such as the Aston Martin and Ferrari. This was to weigh up the best elements from these models, while also producing a car that was still familiar to Corvette owners.

The initial design process involved creating full-sized and scaled clay models, with input from the Corvette interior and exterior design departments. Test mules were then put through their paces at the Nürburgring with the help of Le Mans champ. Oliver Gavin. The Nürburgring lap times were crucial, as the course has become the public benchmark for all performance cars.

The videos below succinctly chart the development of the C8 Corvette, providing a nice overview from the initial idea to final production.

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