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Girls and Cars: What Do You think?

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Girls and Cars: What Do You think?


Firstly, this post was borne out from receiving messages on our Facebook page about cars and girls. Mainly, as some people objected to women being glamorised or shown in provocative ways just to sell a car or bring attention to a certain vehicle. So, I thought it best to address this point as opinions on the matter cover the complete spectrum of positive to negative, depending on who you ask.

For all the people I have asked (men and women), I received just as many different points of view or opinions as the people I asked and rightly so. The opinions ranged from, ‘yeah, more!’ to the extremes of it is utterly sexist and degrading to women.

Female models have been hired to model alongside vehicles, almost as long as vehicles have existed themselves.
With a predominantly male orientated market, it is an obvious and easy way to draw attention to any vehicle.
As the decades rolled by, this still obviously works. A pretty lady next to a car brings more attention than a car on its own.
The question really boils down to how this is done.

Personally, I don’t think we are talking about adult entertainment here, but more a naughty and cheeky way to draw attention to any car.
The models who do this type of work know they are there to draw attention to the vehicles and related products, almost one enhances the other.
In that respect, it can also work both ways, models if hired regularly, get exposure and thus have more work, so they are advancing their careers in modelling. Some models specialise in the car market and do very well at this line of modelling. To deny them this area of work, could deny some from their only revenue stream.
Jessica Barton maybe a good example. – Many of the images of her modelling next to cars, can be seen as very provocative, but from all the car related images ( excluding non-car images) I’ve seen Jessica featured within, show no nudity – very provocative, but no nudity.
This is a girl who also owns and races her own vehicles and now has a reputation within this area.
In an alternative world where all her images were completely banned, Jessica would probably be off doing something completely different, succeeding just as well or not, we don’t know, but at present she has been more than successful as a model and a promoter of the automotive industry, showing it can work out for automotive models.
Still too risque? That’s really down to personal opinion.

But the flipside of the coin, would I take my young niece and nephew to a car show or show them images of a vehicle with a lady provocatively dressed and posed next to a car? Probably not, but thinking about a car show like SEMA, there is a vast array of female models on show, some more provocatively dressed and posed more than others, but still in the realms of decency. Would I take my niece and nephew there? Yes, as the benefits far outweigh them been scarred for life by seeing ladies promoting vehicles and their accessories.

The debate on if women should be used to promote vehicles will probably rage on forever.
But take a close look at the attached image with this post. The auction image shows the lady holding her hands up in the air to get attention. But the audience seemed to be more concerned with the car, as all serious auction buyers and sellers would be. The ladies is there to make the vehicle more attractive and attention grabbing and the car for her.

What do you think on the subject?


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