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Ghost Car: The Incredible 1979 Camaro From The Bosnian War

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By Dave Ashton

Credit: Per Phillip

This particular 1979 Camaro may look like a movie car or some hobbyist’s wild creation, but it was actually a supply car in the 1992 to 1995 Bosnian war, named Ghost Car. Most supply vehicles were SUV’s, but in this case a modified muscle car proved to be the best solution in a time of need.

The car was adapted by Danish Special Forces officer Helge Meyer, stationed at Rhine Main Air Force Base, nickname ‘Guds Rambo’ (‘God’s Rambo’) as he carried no weapons in the war. Clearly, the car had to be heavily modified for its application with the US Air Force providing Kevlar panels, steel plated windows, infrared light absorbing paint, heat detection equipment, run flat tires and night vision. A ram bar was added to the front of the vehicle with steel reinforcement to make a a mine-clearing blade.

The steel reinforcement was also put behind the seats and covered the complete underside of the car. Kevlar lined the doors and the trunk. Two spare tires, fire extinguishers and radio equipment were also fitted.

The 5.7 litre V8 engine was given nitrous and tuned up from 185hp to 220hp, giving 440hp and 124.27 mph/200 km/h in 13 seconds. The car was capable of carrying 400kg of food and sanitary supplies which aided day and night deliveries and stayed away from radar, police and the army. The car may have seemed a counterintuitive solution, but the speed and stealth of the Ghost Camaro proved that the American V8 torque was a perfect fit for the situation.

20 years on, Meyer still owns the car with the only change being the orange paint (however, recent images on his Facebook page show the car back to its original black) and is still driven on a regular basis, clocking up 1 million kilometers.

If you want to find out more about this remarkable car and its owner, there is a book available on Amazon – ‘Gottes Rambo: Unterwegs im War Camaro.’ Checking out Helge Meyer’s Facebook page, there is a post mentioning a possible movie being made out of the book. Now, that would be something to watch.



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