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By Mark Weisseg

I get this question a lot. Where do I start Mark? I always tell the other person to know your budget first. Whatever it is you will need more. Just look at the Chevy under the tarp. It’s the perfect hot rod car. But, you will need time, patience, imagination and money. If you have those things you are wheels up and ready to go.

Both cars pictured are going to be hard work. Now, you can take the easy way out and buy a car already done. They are everywhere for sale but you won’t have the satisfaction of banging your knuckles and losing blood. Or, you could go to one of these companies that can build your dream car for a price. You will get it and drive it and enjoy it. But again you have no skin in the game, just lost wages.

So, we start by going back to my examples. Both cars are big time project cars. They are also blank slates so you can do nearly anything to them and it will be a huge improvement. After you are done and look back you will better appreciate your fast muscle car because you had headaches, you busted your knuckles, you asked for favors from friends, you bought new tools, you borrowed some tools, you learned new swear words, you post sleep, you missed important social events, your kids grew up and you missed it, all you thought about instead of sex was your hot rod, and finally you understand why you had to do it this way. Anytime you build something and it works you feel good.

Even if it is a soap box derby car that is going to run down one little hill at incredibly slow speeds. You will feel good for no other reason than that you did it and not some production facility half the country away. That is page one my friends. That is why we love our fast muscle cars. So, when you are so frustrated you could cry the answer always comes the next day. Please get started and mentor a young person. Get them involved in our hobby. At least you can teach him or her some old swear words you haven’t used in a while.


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