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German Tuned Ford Mustang With 807 HP

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By David Ashton

The popularity of the Ford Mustang is ever growing in Europe, with it being the current bestselling sports car in 2017. Quite a feat when you consider not just the amount of European sports cars which are highly regarded, but also the European mindset of opting for their own when it comes to performance cars.

One tuning outfit that is embracing the American pony car is Schropp Tuning, who have put their own slant on the Mustang. The car uses the 5 L V8 engine which can be upgraded into stages with a supercharger and ECU remap which will give you 600 hp. The next upgrade comes in the form of the SF600R conversion which will give you a new Coyote engine block, lower compression pistons, steel billet crankshaft, uprated cylinder liners, high flow oil pump, amongst others with a ECU remap, giving you a total of 807 hp, with 950 Nm of torque.

The upgrades aren’t just mechanical as the cars will be treated to a exterior overhaul, which include their white, green color scheme, carbon fibre front splitter, open grille, FM-05- R rear wing, Osram daytime running lights and bonnet lifters.

The car is finished off in 9.0 and 10.5×21 inches alloy wheels and 255/30R21 and 285/30R21 tires. Ironically, this example is left-hand drive, not the dedicated right-hand version for the European market.

Source: Schropp



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