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Ford Unveil 900HP Electric Mustang Prototype

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By Dave Ashton

As we slowly start to drip feed you the highlights from this year’s SEMA show, one of the highlights or we could say more controversial offerings for muscle car fans is the electric Mustang Lithium. The car has been developed in partnership with German engineering outfit Webasto, which boasts an equivalent of 900hp and 1,000 ft.-lbs. of torque.

It’s definitely a glimpse of the future as a hybrid Mustang has been on the cards for release in 2020, which could be based on what you see here. There’s lots of fancy workings under the hood, which include a Phi-Power dual-core electric motor powered by an 800-volt battery developed by Webasto. Allegedly, this can discharge a megawatt of electricity and is aimed to be lighter, generates less heat than conventional units and more powerful than traditional offerings.

One additional bonus is the link up to a manual transmission, which is a version of the Getrag MT82 6-speed transmission. In all other respects, the prototype is very much like a high-end Mustang, featuring a 1.0-inch lowered stance, Forgeline wheels and Ford Performance’s Track Handling Pack. The car also sports Brembo six-piston front brakes from the Shelby GT350R, side splitters and rear diffuser, a Webasto see-through hood and TurboDX charging solution and TurboCord portable charger. Battery weight distribution has been helped with carbon fiber body panels and the suspension tuned for better weight distribution.


There’s also a bunch of driving modes to control the output, which they say will come in the form of Valet, Sport, Track and Beast. All accessed through a 10.4-inch touchscreen display.

This prototype has been launched as a testbed for future EVs from the company and as there are plans for at least 16 EVs to be produced in the next five years from the company, it won’t be a surprise if there is a Mustang which follows the lines of this prototype.

Obviously a fully electric muscle/pony car is not the most exciting news for muscle car fans, but the EV wave is slowly coming towards us, which means it’s better to put the nuts and bolts in place now, then be left behind in the residue. Do you think this is a step in the right direction for the muscle car? It would be good to hear your opinions in the comments below.


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