Ford Mustang Number 00002 At Mecum Auction To Break Records

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By Dave Ashton

The first Ford Mustang hardtop to have a serial number will go up for auction in May at the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis. The vehicle is currently in the Henry Ford Museum and is expected to fetch a record price.

The car is painted in Caspian Blue with Blue crinkle vinyl interior and features a 170 CI inline 6 cylinder engine with a three speed manual transmission. For the production year of 1965 the first two Mustangs a convertible serial number 5F08F100001 and hardtop 5F07U100002 were to be originally sold in Canada. However, the hardtop eventually ended up at Whitehorse Motors, Yukon.

The car was installed with a block heater, used for demonstration purposes and then eventually sold in spring 1965. The car changed hands via 13 different people before landing with its current owner Bob Fria in 1997. It took another two years to restore the hardtop and it is now only one of a few surviving pre-production 1965 Mustangs.

During the restoration process. It was found that the car had many prototype oddities such as sheet metal stumpings and welds not found on later versions. It was also found that the hundred and 5280 preproduction mustangs were built from February 10 to March 5, 1964 with a pre-assigned 05C (March 5) Stamp in the data plates.

Serial no. 00002
Recognized as the first Mustang hardtop to receive a VIN
Body transferred from the pilot plant in Allen Park to the Dearborn facility to become pre-production Vin car
Shipped in error to Whitehorse Motors Ford in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in Western Canada
Same owner since 1997
Date code correct 170 CI inline 6-cylinder engine
3-speed manual transmission
Caspian Blue with Blue crinkle vinyl interior
13 inch wheels


You can find out more about this impressive Ford Mustang at the Mecum website.

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