Ford To Build First Hybrid Mustang

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By Dave Ashton

It seems the times are changing with Ford now planning a hybrid version of the Mustang, one of America’s most cherished vehicles.
I commented on the possibility of an electric muscle car in this video, where a Tesla P100D was up against a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and how the future possibility of an electric muscle car will probably be sooner rather than later. Now Ford are the first with a hybrid version of the Mustang and plans for a hybrid F-150 pickup and an all electric SUV.

Ford said in their statement that the hybrid Mustang will ‘deliver V8 power and even more low-end torque’ but there is no mention of what the gasoline engine part of the vehicle will have as yet. Possibly one of Ford’s EcoBoost engines and the Mustang will not be a plug-in, but use electricity generated by the car itself. the new hybrid should also produce the same Hp as the current V8 models. All planned for roughly 2020.

The 5.0-litre Coyote V8 still has three years left in its cycle, but after that there will be a crossroads for not just Ford, but the other muscle car manufacturers for keeping the essence of the muscle car alive. With the likes of Tesla and Faraday Futures producing electric drivetrains with the equivalent of over 1,000HP it’s now up to the big three muscle car manufacturers to capture the essence of the muscle car and bring it into an electric future. Recreating an authentic rumble and sound of a V8 is going to be difficult, so we wait to see how this Hybrid Mustang will go down with customers and if it can truly usher in a new era for pony/muscle cars.

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