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Fire Trucks: The True Boys Toy.

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By Mark Weisseg

I wrote once before about fire trucks that might be a great classic to add to your collection. Why? Because secretly, I think we would all love our own fire truck.

It may be the wants of a certain generation, but there is a certain appeal of a fire truck to all us young boys or at least, our inner young boy.

They are not mass produced and only built when they receive an order. Not every truck is a hook and ladder with a rear tiller. they come in all shapes and sizes and even other vehicles converted to fire trucks.
Take a ’49 Chevy 3600 pickup truck we saw Colorado Springs Colorado last year. The company had it restored a few years ago and it was an amazing red pick up truck used for brush fires. It was unique and very cool. But a truck like what is shown in this picture is still a small rig and has a place at parades, any Fourth of July festivities, and take a fire truck to any car show and you have an instant hit with. Kids.
They will spend hours climbing all over it asking to ring the bell, turn the red light on and hitting the siren button. Yes, they are a bit tougher to drive and yes you need a place to park them but remember, our current fire houses would love to have a old fire truck in there building.

It can be used for educational purposes and of course open houses at the building. Where I live we have an original truck in our fleet. It’s a great fund raising tool. Where I live we just bought a new ladder truck that was almost one million dollars. It sits most of the time, but it sure does look impressive and I want to drive it is everybody at one time has wanted to be a heroic fireman.
Support your local fire department and if you want to take it one step further there are plenty of low mileage used fire rigs out there that have many uses today, along with being one of the coolest vehicles out there.

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